Computer Museum PEEK&POKE


We are particularly proud of our Computer Museum PEEK&POKE collection. This retro hardware and software collection was a trigger for the emergence of PEEK&POKE idea. It represents the core of the museum and attracts many visitors from Croatia and all around the world, being one of the very few computer museums in the world. However, there is one thing special about PEEK&POKE: most of our exhibits are fully operational and free to touch and work on!

Most of the museum space is occupied by the wide range of rare and popular exhibits that we are presenting and maintaining functional, so any visitor interested could firsthand feel the breath of IT times long gone, or maybe even try to remember their own youth.

The complete collection of the whole machinery available is not constantly exposed for visitors due to lack of space, but the displayed collection is constantly changed and updated, so even second and third visit at PEEK&POKE still feels like the first one.

When announcing a visit, you will be provided a guide tours through the museum, who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

There are hundreds of computers, more then 1000 calculators, inspiring stories about inventors, entrepreneurs and machinery, which drastically changed how society sees computers today, and essentially was a part of making the everyday life we live today.