Nintendo Virtual Gameboy

Nintendo Virtual Gameboy


First introduced in 1995 and after a little longer than a year, the production of Nintendo Virtual Gameboy was discontinued. A total of about 800,000 pieces were sold, so today Nintendo Virtual Gameboy holds collector’s value. It was never sold in Europe.

Nintendo Virtual Gameboy was using series of 224 red LEDs and vibrating mirrors(!), which allowed to create horizontal lines for each eye separately, thus, creating illusion of depth, which is also the cause of the humming that device does during usage. Only red LEDs were used, as the red diodes were the cheapest ones and didn’t consume much power. During the game, the player had to look through the eyepiece of neoprene.

In total, 22 game titles for Nintendo Virtual Gameboy came out.

Virtual Gameboy has won several nominations for the ugliest device in history and was the subject of exaggerated warning about dangers of vision loss and its user seizures.