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Support us!

PEEK&POKE Computer Museum is an educational non-profit project, done solely by enthusiasts and volunteers who have worked hard to keep the museum running since 2007.
We have scavenged the world in order to collect these rare pieces of machinery, as we believe that part of foundation stone of modern society lies in computers. We are not just gathering machinery, we are gathering the history of modern society, right here in PEEK&POKE Computer museum in Rijeka!

We would like to thank all our supporters, everyone who believes in our museum, the volunteers for their hard work, and the monetary and machinery donations from supporters all around the world!

We invite you to participate in further development of PEEK&POKE Computer Museum!
Become a part of our large community of enthusiasts and support our museum!

Support us by donating
Computer museum “PEEK&POKE”, Rijeka, Croatia
IBAN: HR8723400091110274631
Privredna banka Zagreb
Ul. Ivana Grohovca 2, 51000, Rijeka, Croatia

Deliver us your old computers and machinery
At the moment we are looking for:
Altair 8800 (1975)
Apple Lisa (1986)
Apple III (1980)
Osborne 1 (1981)
HP-150 (1983)
HP 9815A (1976)
HP 9831 (1977)
HP-87 (1982)
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The supporters will receive a special gift from PEEK&POKE, which they can collect at our museum!