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We are always looking to expand our collection and enrich our visitors' experience, but we need your help! Computer is dead if not used, it is a pity to keep something in the attic instead of prolonging its life so that new generations learn about the technological past in our museum. We are still searching for the items listed below that we would love to have here in PEEK&POKE, and would gladly take them off your hands if you would like to donate them to the museum. We promise to take great care of them! :)

If you would like to help but don’t have old computer hardware, you can always send us a direct cash donation as well. The museum works with volunteers and thus we cover most of the needs, but part of the material costs such as electricity, utilities and maintenance must be paid.

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Apple Lisa
Apple Computer Inc.
Lisa is the first commercial computer with a GUI and a mouse. The machine was aimed at individual business users with a five-megabyte hard drive and a shipping price of 9,995 US $. The Lisa was challenged by a relatively high price, insufficient software library, unreliable Apple FileWare floppy disks, and the immediate release of the cheaper and faster Macintosh. Only 10,000 units were sold in two years.

Acorn Archimedes, any model
Acorn Computers Ltd.
The Archimedes was one of the most powerful home computers available during the late 1980s and early 1990s; its main CPU was faster than the Motorola 68000 microprocessors found in the more popular Amiga and Atari ST machines.

Commodore 65 (also known as C64DX)
1990 - 1991
Commodore Business Machines
The Commodore 65 is a rare prototype computer developed as an improved version of the Commodore 64. The idea was to be backwards-compatible with the older Commodore 64 while still providing a number of advanced features close to those of the Amiga.

20th Anniversary Macintosh
Apple Inc.
The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh is a limited-edition personal computer released to mark Apple's 20th birthday. The machine was a technological showcase of the day, boasting a number of features beyond simple computing, and with a price tag aimed at the "executive" market.

HP computers (We will accept any in good condition from the 60s, 70s or 80s)
60s - 80s
HP Inc.
General importance for the computer revolution timeline. We are missing these models: HP 9815A (1976), HP 9831 (1977), HP-87 (1982) and HP-150 (1983).

VR sets from the 90s (We’ll be happy with any VR set from the 90s)
They are so cool and fun! Unfortunately, many of them gave most customers headaches and severe virtual reality sickness. So they are rare and have perished mostly without a trace. Still, they are cool and fun!

Any retro game
For those that were born after the year 2000, retro games may not mean much, but this is where the best video games of today were born. And they are so fun-fun-fun!

Any retro arcade machine cabinet
late 70s - early 90s
In the past, coin-operated arcade video games generally used custom per-game hardware often with multiple CPUs, highly specialized sound and graphics chips, and the latest in expensive computer graphics display technology. This allowed arcade system boards to produce more complex graphics and sound than what was then possible on video game consoles or personal computers. The joy of play on an old arcade cabinet is hard to beat even today!

list of donators

Aleksandar Zambelli, Redmond, USA

Alen Braut, Rijeka, Croatia

Alen Lesica, Rijeka, Croatia

Andrew Barosley, United Kingdom

Barbara Smilović, Rijeka, Croatia

Biserka Belić, Rijeka, Croatia

Božidar Pasarić, Rijeka, Croatia

Branko Kovačić, Rijeka, Croatia

Cassandra Bourrasa, Montreal, Canada

Dalibor Kušić, Zagreb, Croatia

Dania Domian, Rijeka, Croatia

Dario Abram, Rijeka, Croatia

Davor Pasarić, Rijeka, Croatia

Dinko Eror, Rijeka, Croatia

Djuka Julijan, Croatia

Dražen Kos, Rijeka, Croatia

Faby & Lolo, Switzerland

Goran Paulin, Rijeka, Croatia

Goran Škvorc, Zagreb, Croatia

Grant family, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Helena Balaž, Rijeka, Croatia

Hrvoje Dogan, Rijeka, Croatia

Hrvoje Gradečak, Zagreb, Croatia

Hrvoje Keko, Rab, Croatia

Igor Kadum, Rijeka, Croatia

Igor Šepić, Rijeka, Croatia

Igor Stevanović, Rijeka, Croatia

Irena & Mark Morrice, North England, United Kingdom

Irene & Kevin Wrenner, Essex, Vermont, USA

Ivan Polojac, Düsseldorf, Germany

Ivan Šarar, Rijeka, Croatia

Iva Vlah, Rijeka, Croatia

Ivan Vučica, Dublin, Ireland

Ivana Krtinić, Rijeka, Croatia

Ivana Vukušić Gašparovski i Zvonimir Gašparovski, Rijeka, Croatia

Janko Belaj, Zagreb, Croatia

Jesse Hermann, Nederland

Joelle Putschbad, Germany

Josip Knežević, Rijeka, Croatia

Jovica Đurđić, Malinska, Croatia

Justin Byrd, North Carolina, USA

Krešimir Kos, Zagreb, Croatia

Lucija i Alan Fanton, Rijeka, Croatia

Marija Juračić, Opatija, Croatia

Marko Koržinek, Zagreb, Croatia

Matija Pužar, Oslo, Norway

Mauro Tončinić, Rijeka, Croatia

Maurizio Pilepić, Rijeka, Croatia

Mirko Trkulja, Rijeka, Croatia

Mladen Pasarić, Omišalj, Croatia

Nedim Kucalović, Rijeka, Croatia

Orsana Marić, Zagreb, Croatia

Petar Trinajstić, Rijeka, Croatia

PJ Nieland, Wildervank, Netherlands

Radoslav Dejanović, Zagreb, Croatia

Ratko Jovičić, Kostrena, Croatia

Rino Gropuzzo, Rijeka, Croatia

Robert Bilić, Wedel, Germany

Robert Pavlović, Rijeka, Croatia

Saša Dundović, New York, USA

Siniša Gašparović, Rijeka, Croatia

Slobodan Rebić, Rijeka, Croatia

Stjepan Bedić, Zagreb, Croatia

Tara Marić, Zagreb, Croatia

Tomislav Čanji, Zadar, Croatia

Tomislav Jagušt, Zagreb, Croatia

Vanja Tarczay, Zagreb, Croatia

Vera Ružić, Zagreb, Croatia

Vlatko Crvić, Rijeka, Croatia

Yves Bolognini, Bercher, Switzerland

Zoran Krušvar, Rijeka, Croatia

Zrinka Lukšić Mazanik, Zagreb, Croatia

Zvonimir Gembec, Pula, Croatia

Zvonimir Lasić, Dubrovnik, Croatia


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