PEEK&POKE 7th birthday party

PEEK&POKE is celebrating its 7th birthday on Saturday, September 27, 2014. The party will start at 8 p.m. and everyone is welcome, especially all of volunteers who helped us reach our 7th year of existence through hard work and dedication. Special thank to all donators too. Of course, there will be live music and cake!

LEGO Mindstorms workshop

As a part of the Festival of Robots and Light project that we are hoping to realise in 2017, we are planning to organise a number of workshops for our younger audience. The idea is to teach kids the basics of robotics and telemetry and direct them to one of the STEM programs at the

Proposal for the Festival of Robots and Light

We have recently submitted a proposal for a new type of festival Rijeka could offer – Festival of Robots and Light. The Festival itself would take place in 3 years time, from September 24, 2017 to September 28, 2017 and would include numerous demonstrations, lectures, shows, performances, exhibitions, kids workshops and art installations. We hope