“Čki čki” – 2012 calendar

Introducing the unconventional “Čki Čki” (Chki Chki) calendar – without Photoshop and without makeup! The calendar takes you through 12 emotional states, from worry, disbelief, amazement, to warning, all in Monty Pyhton style. Among the well-known and lesser-known citizens are Dražen Zima and Enver Krivac, Josip Knežević, Zoran Žmirić, Tomislav Ribičić – Riba, Velid Đekić,

iParty 2011

The fourth iParty, a large gathering of Croatian Apple enthusiasts organised by Jabučnjak (Apple Orchard), will be held on Saturday, December 10, 2011, starting at 8 p.m. Traditionally, Apple enthusiasts are expected from all around Croatia. We are giving the Children’s Hospital Kantrida in Rijeka so please don’t come without apples! We mean the real