The Apollo 11 was the first crewed mission to land on the Moon, on 20 July 1969. On 20th of May 2009, PEEK&POKE is starting a two months long project “PEEK@MOON” dedicated to man’s landing on the Moon. This anniversary celebration is only the first in a series of events that the museum is planning

Tribune with Zoran Krušvar

Zoran Krušvar is a Croatian psychologist and science fiction and fantasy writer, born in Rijeka. He won 4 SFERA awards, in 2002 (for “Igra” – “The Game”), in 2003 (for “Brodovi u tami” – “Ships in Darkness”), in 2007 (for “Izvršitelji nauma Gospodnjeg” – “Executors of the Lord’s Plan”) and in 2008 (for “Tako biti