Lollobrigida concert

The super energetic Lollobrigida is taking care of the finals of the museum birthday party! Lollobrigida is originally a Croatian, Zagreb based, female electro-pop/synthpop band. In 2008 The Slovenes Kleemar, David, and Jernej joined the band rendering the group Croatian-Slovenian in its composition. By buying tickets and making donations, you are helping the museum. Hurry,

Sinclair concert

Don’t miss Sinclair – an electro music attraction from Italy! Sinclair are: Silver Verlicchi (synths, programming), Daniela Castellucci (vocals), Federico Ingoli (vocals, live fx) and Marco A. Rossi (bass, synths). Sinclair in one project joins the sound and the style of 80’s electropop along with its graphics and compositions, filtering it with the help of

Marko Batista sound performance

Marko Batista will present an electronic device in his own making, which enables playing through direct interaction with the human body. The closest description of the device might be a synthesizer that works on the principle of frequency modulation, but without a keyboard or keys. The interaction of the player and the unusual electronic instrument

PEEK&POKE 4th birthday party

PEEK&POKE is four years old! And this year we will be celebrating the past 4 years for 4 full days! On September 21, 2011 at 9.30 p.m. Marko Batista, an artist from Ljubljana, will perform his “H220” program. The following day, on September 22, at 9:30 p.m. an artist from Zagreb Vladimir Biga will open

Chaotic Tetris exhibition by Vladmir Biga

Here is the abstract of foreword to the exhibiton by Petra Senjanović: “The abstract forms of computer graphics of Vladimir Biga, in an equivalent way, reflect the spiritual climate of the 21st century, in continuing the eloquence of non-figurative forms in indicating a step away and the situation outside of balance, indicating the disbalance of