Janko Nilović concert

Yet another concert as part of our Rijeka 2010 event! Janko Nilović is a composer, arranger, pianist and author poet of Montenegrin and Greek descent who was born in Istanbul and has lived in France since 1960. He has published many works, most of them on library labels not available for sale to the public. His

Universal knowledge – lecture by prof. dr. sc. Davor Pavuna

On June 28, 2010 at 8 p.m. in PEEK&POKE prof.dr.sc Davor Pavuna, Croatian physicist and inventor, will hold a lecture about Croatia and the world, usage of science and computers with the goal of reaching universal knowledge, a strong community and better civilisation. Entrance is free and everyone is welcome.

A Space Odyssey and the Symbolism of the Monolith – lecture by prof. dr. Marijan Vejvoda

Marijan Vejvoda graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb. He researched the applications of cable television in urban planning in his master’s degree at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA. PhD in Technical Sciences, University of Zagreb. Worked in Rome in the studio of prof. architect Luigi Piccinato (mainly urbanism), Edinburgh with Robert Matthew,

Robot Rok za Pik end Pok concert

On Thursday, June 26th, 2010 at 9 p.m. PEEk&POKE is brining TeamDARE from Eindhoven to the jazz cafe Tunel for a night where robots will play only your requests. Tickets will be sold at the entrance and in our museum at a price of 30 HRK. See you there!

Microslav concert

Electronic music lovers should not miss the Microslav concert! ADSR, VCO, VCA, VCF, PWM, LFO… Microslav – a man and machines! We believe he couldn’t have chosen a better venue for the concert than the PEEK&POKE! PWM is the new cutoff!

Genesi – an art installation by Sandra Ban

Sandra Ban is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist that worked and studied art in Italy for 20 years: painting, sculpture, theater, film, fashion, graphic design, art&design furniture products. Today she works in Croatian forest studio/atelier where she is professionally engaged in contemporary ceramics art & design and a lot more. Genesi is an art installation that hints at

Sinteza Rijeka 2010 concert

Sinteza is a guest again at PEEK&POKE! This time as part of the cultural-scientific-educational event Rijeka 2010. They successfully combine classical and contemporary, and the band shows excellent coordination. Inspired performance will leave no one indifferent. Keyboardist Hrvoje Puškarić stands out with his virtuosity and imaginative instrumental passages, and a special guest joined the band

Genius of Nikola Tesla – lecture by prof. Marta Lončarević

Marta Lončarević is a professor of Croatian language and literature and a graduate librarian. She runs a center for lifelong learning, preparations for the state final exams in the Croatian language, individual lessons and counseling and assistance to parents whose children have learning difficulties or low motivation to learn. Her work with students is based

Black in Space (Crno u svemiru) cartoon exhibition by Ivan Mišković

The famous Rijeka cartoonist Ivan Mišković is participating in the program of the PEEK&POKE museum for the second time. A pleiad of well-known characters can be seen on the walls of our museum until June 27. Entry to the exhibition is free. At the age of only 15, Ivan Mišković published his first works in

Spray art workshop and presentation

Themes of spray art, or often referred as street art, are usually surreal motifs, celebrities, fan messages or humorous cartoons. We decided to change that a bit, ie focus on science and technology. In the museum Vladimir Tomić and Stefan Gostić will hold a workshop on spray painting techniques, and then make a live presentation