Theremin – lecture and presentation by Tomislav Ribičić

It’s Hartera Music Festival week in Rijeka, so to be in the occasional music trend we at PEEK&POKE will present a handmade electronic musical instrument – theremin. The theremin is widely regarded as the world’s first electronic musical instrument. It’s controlled without physical contact by performer – the thereminist. The device itself is an electronic

Manofon PEEK@MOON concert

The composer in the new Manofon project is well-known Vedran Križan, who has experience in some of the most important bands in Rijeka. Manofon also emphasizes the great vocal abilities of Boris Štok, the frontman of the young Rijeka group Quasarr, who also raised the Manofon project one step higher with the same great voice.

Apollo program and conspiracy theories – lecture by Dorian Celcer

Whenever human civilization takes a big step forward, there are those who challenge what has been done and see the hidden motives and conspiracy theories. One of the eternal themes is have we been to the Moon at all? Lately, high-definition photos taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) of the Apollo landing sites have