40th Anniversary of Apple Macintosh

On January 24, The Computer Museum PEEK&POKE will celebrate 40 years of the legendary Apple Macintosh computer. The thematic evening includes a lecture and subsequent discussion and conversation. In addition to the first, original Mac model from 1984, many other Macs created over the years will be highlighted, and for this occasion, the museum will

“LEGO Mindstorms – build it, control it!” – workshop

LEGO Mindstorms are well-known educational robots made by world famous toy company. Kids learn best when education is made interactive – and even better when it’s creative and fun. We already had very successful LEGO Mindstorms workshop in 2016 and STEMI Hexapod workshop in 2022, so this is just another robotic workshop in the series. 

Tip-tip league – children’s typewriter competition

Our already popular typewriter competition is getting a children’s edition! In Croatia, typing is only taught in secondary schools, and children start using computers much earlier. The idea is for this to be an education for children (9 to 11 years old), which is also fun. We will not only teach them how to type,

Sustainable Digital Art – production talks

SUDA (Sustainable Digital Art) is a current topic for contemporary media artists who use digital technologies. Our four guests will present the possibilities of creating and sharing interactive and scripted computer setup focused on free/libre software, open culture and reused hardware. SUDA is a continuous project by the mediaLAB group, focused on variations of artistic server

STEMI Hexapod workshop

The STEMI Hexapod is a well-known educational robot. PEEK&POKE supports all educational workshops, but we are especially fond of those where something tangible and useful is created. We have recognized the problem that many parents cannot buy such a robot or they do not have a professional mentor to help children build and program it.


This is our second guest exhibition in Dubrovnik! Organized by the Association of Technical Culture of the City of Dubrovnik and our museum, at the Youth Center Dubrovnik, we will present a part of our collection of retro computers. The exhibition is interactive, which means that most of the exhibited computers are usable for visitors

Ethical Dilemmas – workshop exhibition

The group exhibition “Ethical Dilemmas” brings together 7 authors and the results of their work in the process of the eponymous five-day workshop held in October 2021. During the workshop, participants created video experiments focusing on the ethical importance of using free software and open source hardware, as well as the importance of the availability

Houdini: How to do a one-year job in 3 hours

Interest for Kreativni odjel’s technical director Goran Paulin’s lecture called “Houdini: How to do one-year job in 3 hours” was surprisingly high. If you were not able to attend the 2nd Rijeka Game Dev Meetup and attend the lecture, but you are interested in Houdini technology and the procedural generation of 3D models, Goran will


This year, instead of a virtual visit, we have an opportunity to get to the students in Vukovar directly. Students of the natural sciences and mathematics department of the Vukovar Gymnasium will have the opportunity to “peek and poke” on original retro hardware from our collection, to make simple programs for old computers and apply