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Childhood Behind The Iron Curtain exhibition

Our third collaboration with the Maritime and History Museum in Rijeka, “Childhood Behind the Iron Curtain” exhibition, is part of our 15th anniversary program. It will be opened on October 21, 2022 and can be visited until May 15, 2023. We wanted to consider the scope of Western influence, consumerism, and American culture which managed

PEEK&POKE 15th birthday party

Fifteen years is a big anniversary for us. We did not expect that a modest volunteer project by a group of enthusiasts would survive the first year, let alone welcome the 15th anniversary with so many awards and recognition for our work. Most important of all are the thousands of satisfied visitors, primarily young people.

STEMI Hexapod workshop

The STEMI Hexapod is a well-known educational robot. PEEK&POKE supports all educational workshops, but we are especially fond of those where something tangible and useful is created. We have recognized the problem that many parents cannot buy such a robot or they do not have a professional mentor to help children build and program it.

Steven Brown (Tuxedomoon) concert

For the 15th anniversary of The Computer Museum PEEK&POKE, we have prepared a special program during the year, which consists of a series of exhibitions, workshops, promotions and concerts. In cooperation with Distune Promotion and with the support of the City of Rijeka – Department of Culture, we are bringing back to Rijeka the founder

Packmess concert

Packmess is a Zagreb musician and engineer who bases his oeuvre on experimental electronic music. Using unconventional ways to control instruments, he comes up with innovative performances that will intrigue any electronic music enthusiast. Packmess adds ‘explosive’ musical expressions to improvisation and minimalist guitar drone structures, all achieved through a joystick in a true retro


This is our second guest exhibition in Dubrovnik! Organized by the Association of Technical Culture of the City of Dubrovnik and our museum, at the Youth Center Dubrovnik, we will present a part of our collection of retro computers. The exhibition is interactive, which means that most of the exhibited computers are usable for visitors

“Bajkari” and “Bajkarice” – storytelling and book presentation

The cooperation of our museum with the Children’s House and Rijeka City Library continues after the successful “Retro Futuro” event. This time, we are expanding our tradition of promoting children’s books. We have a sweet new treat in the pleasant ambience of the Children’s House, which is ideally suited for kids! The PEEK+POKE Museum of

Retro Futuro Virtual Football Tournament

Retro Futuro Virtual Football tournament consists of playing football in various forms: table football, football on retro Commodore 64 computer and on Sony PlayStation 5 with the latest football simulation game – FIFA 2022. The idea is to show the development of computer sports simulations, their graphics and functionality, all with elements of entertainment, especially

Typewriter Humanitarian Competiton 2021

After a very successful women’s typing competition on old typewriters, we decided to bring things into balance with typing in the men’s category. The competition was of a humanitarian character, and the victory was won by Domagoj Zubović. The funds raised are directed to the association “Koga briga” which takes care of the poor children